​​We are passionate about weight loss and toning up!

We think everyone has got a little too complacent about weightloss.  It is becoming the "norm" and this clearly has to stop.

We all know it creeps up on us and before we know it, it has become a problem, especially during the menopause, our bodies change and suddenly we have put on a stone and have got "back fat" where we didn't before.

We have the latest Shapemaster toning tables and chairs, 15 machines in all plus a small cardio area.

You will have a complete body composition analysis every fortnight to keep you track!

We are solely here to help you reach your goal and motivate you.

Over recent years there has been an increase in demand for provision of Shapemaster equipment within therapy centres and rehabilitation units. Existing centres such as BASIC (Brain & Spinal Injury Centre), I Can Therapy Centres (Andover & Sheffield), West Berkshire Therapy Centre, Specialist Stroke Services, MS Research & Relief Fund, Hesketh Centre NHS & MS Therapy Centre Manchester have all found great success in managing long term conditions as well as providing physical rehabilitation, particularly with post-stroke users.

Testimonials below:

The results have been fantastic, not just the physical benefits for patients but the emotional ones as well. I can’t believe the difference Shapemaster has made to so many people.

Wendy Edge, CEO, Brain & Spinal Injury Centre

Shapemaster machines offer a very gentle way of exercising. It is very difficult to get an injury on these machines and the benefits we have seen here have been amazing.

Rhiannon Swain, Physiotherapist, West Berkshire Therapy Centre



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Open to members only as unstaffed on Saturday

Sun:      CLOSED

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